Thursday, August 07, 2008

Notes from SF

Hello From the Road,

Today was another very long walky day and I am very proud of the blisters I have to show for it. My original plan for today was to go to the golden gate park, but then I realized it was Monday and the museums were not open today. Instead I decided to take the tour to Muir woods and Sausalito (who knew it wasn't just a cookie?) The tour was at 2 so I went down to embarkadero via the bart, and visited the ferry. After walking around there, I hopped a cable car and traveled back to the warf to catch the bus. It seems like the warf is a big whole that keeps sucking me in. I grabbed a lunch of chowder in a sourdough roll. Yum.

The bus took us over the golden gate bridge. Muir Woods (redwoods) was beautiful, very serene. These trees are magnificent, and I live in a national forest, so I know trees. I met a mother and daughter from Australia on the tour and we wandered around Sausalito together, eating this amazing Hawaiian ice cream. Black cherry cordial. Yum. It was beautiful and sunny in Sausalito, from our side of the water we could see the SF skyline, it was covered in mist, kind of creepy.

When we got back from the tour, my new friends and I went to a lovely place to eat in the italy section, where we bumped into a large group of men, women and babies in red dresses running down the street. Later I found out they were a drinking group with a running problem. After, the warf sucked me back in again and I went to Ghiradellis for an icecream sundae. I ate it as I stood in line for the trolley. Get this-- I rode back to my hotel, hanging onto the side of the trolley. Did I get video you ask? Why yes I did!

Tomorrow I head to my new hotel, and probably to the Golden Gate Park, and if I know SF--- probably the warf.


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